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File Handling Example Programs in C language

This section contains solved programs on C Language File Handling. Using these programs we will learn creating, writing, copying, moving, and deleting contents and files.

C Language File handling programs and solutions:
FILE, fopen, fclose, fgetc, fputc, fgets, fputs, fseek, fwrite, fread, eof

Here you will find set of solved programs on file handling in c programming language like creating and opening file in binary or text mode, writing text, object into file, reading text, object from file, editing existing file, renaming an existing file, removing an existing file, copy one file’s content to another, displaying content of the file on output screen, getting size of the file, converting text into lower and upper case etc. By learning these file handling programs/examples you could be an expert in c programming language.

All programs contain detailed description about the implemented logic, output on different phases, and explanation of programs and outputs.

  1. C program to find number of lines in a file.
    This program will read a file and find the total number of file in it using C program.
  2. C program to create, open and close a file.
    This C file handling program will create, open a file and then close the file.
  3. C program to write text (characters) into file and print.
    This C file handling program will create a file in write mode and write the text characters (character by character) into the file and then read character by character from the file.
  4. C program to print given number of lines of a file (like head command in Linux).
    This C file handling program will print the number of lines (passed through the command line argument) on the output screen, just like a HEAD command in linux.
  5. C program to print contents in reverse order of a file (just like TAC command in Linux).
    This C program will print the content of the file in reverse order, just like TAC command in Linux.
  6. C program to compare contents of two files.
    This C program will read the content of two file and compare them, content will be read character by character and compare by the same way (character by character).
  7. C program to copy number of bytes of from a specific offset to another file.
    This C file handling program will open a file in read mode and copies specified bytes from given offset and write them into another file.
  8. C - Read Content of a File using getc() using C Program.
    (From C Code Snippet Section)

    This program will read the content of the file using getc() function.
  9. C - Convert All Characters in Upper Case of a File using C Program.
    (From C Code Snippet Section)

    This program will read the content a file and convert them into uppercase.

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