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Why we should use C programming language?

Learn: What are the features of C programming language, why we should use C programming language and why it is so popular?

After writing many posts on C programming language, finally I am writing this post. Here, I am telling, why we should use C programming language and why C language is so popular programming language?

Reasons behind the popularity of C programming language

There are many languages in the market, which are using to develop applications; still C programming language is much popular due to following reasons:

  1. C language has less number of keywords, as we know that in a standard version of C programming language there are only 32 keywords and 32 keywords are easy to remember.
  2. C language has less number of standard libraries and library functions (those are well-established and standardized portable) but they can be used to design any kind of (almost) functions.
  3. C language has rich set of data types with awesome features of type qualifiers like const, volatile etc.
  4. We have already discussed in previous post about low level and high level languages. C language is one of the most popular programming languages which are able to make low level applications like device drivers, operating systems, firmware etc along with the high level applications like desktop applications. Note that: due to this amazing feature C programming language is known as “Middle Level programming language”.
  5. C language is very efficient, popular and well understood.
  6. C language is much popular for embedded systems programming due to its flexibility.
  7. Programs written in C programming language are easy to read, understand and edit.
  8. C language is free, and you do not have to pay anything even if you are using C language for embedded systems. We can easily access any hardware device attached with the micro-controller (please, don't confuse here, in embedded systems micro-controllers are like processors), for example: we can capture images through the camera, record videos by writing functions (known as device drivers) for it.
  9. C language has other features like Portability, Modularity, and Structure Oriented. Since C programming language is very old language (developed around 1970-1972) still it is more popular due to its features.

The most important features of C programming language

I personally like C programming languages due to two reasons:

  1. It's flexible; I can do whatever I want to do. There is no restriction even I can access restricted memory locations too using pointers. Since C language lacks some safety features but this makes C language more flexible as you can access anything from anywhere.
  2. It's really easy and short: using few library functions and data types, I can design functions for any kind of problems.

For me: C language is everything for me and I am writing codes in C programming language since many years and I never faced any issues.

I will be writing codes in C language as its scope will never finish it would be more and more popular day by day.

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