How to make a vertical line in HTML using CSS?

In this article, we'll see how we can make a vertical line in HTML using CSS?
Submitted by Apurva Mathur, on June 19, 2022

n HTML we don't have any specific tag which can help us to make a vertical line as we have <hr> tag to make horizontal line. To make vertical line in HTML we'll use border-right, border-left, margin-right and margin-left properties. The properties will set the line in the required format.


<!DOCTYPE html>
      <title>How to make a vertical line in HTML</title>
         .verticalLineleft {
         border-left: 6px solid red;
         height: 100px;
         margin-left: 60px;
         .verticalLineright {
         border-right: 6px solid red;
         height: 100px;
         margin-right: 60px;
         border-right: 6px solid red;
         height: 100px;
         margin-right: 50%;
      <div style="background-color: #b3d4fc">
            <h2>Vertical line</h2>
         <div class="verticalLineleft"></div>
         <div class="verticalLineright"></div>
         <div class="verticalLinecenter"></div>


Example: Make a vertical line in HTML


Left vertical line:

Step 1: Take an empty div and give it a class (Here I've used a class selector to give styling you can use any selector)

Step 2: Use this class to apply CSS under the style tag. I've applied internal CSS, you can directly use inline CSS also.

Step 3: Border-left property will set the line in left most corners; it has three parameters: (width, border-type, color). Height property is given to manage its height and last but not the least margin-left property is optional I've used it here so that it can come closer to the center.

A similar concept is applied when we want the vertical line on the right side or in the center. The only difference is when you want a vertical line in the center, it's important to give margin-left or margin-right property (any one of them) and set its value to 50 % so that it will appear in the center.

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