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This page contains a list of frequently asked questions of the Go programming language.

List of Go FAQ

  1. What is workspace in Go language?
  2. Which keyword is used to import the packages in Go language?
  3. What is factored import statement in Go language?
  4. What is the difference between := and = in Go language?
  5. Can we declare multiple variables at once in Go?
  6. What is shadowing in Go language?
  7. How to install third-party packages in Go language?
  8. How to remove packages installed with go get command?
  9. What is init() function in Go language?
  10. What is the default value of a bool variable in Go language?
  11. What are the default values of an int, float variables in Go language?
  12. What is the default value of a string in Go language?
  13. What is the default value of a pointer in Go language?
  14. What is the default value of a structure in Go language?
  15. What is the default value of a slice in Go language?
  16. What is the default value of a map in Go language?
  17. What is the default value of an empty interface in Go language?
  18. Can constants be modified in Go language?
  19. How would you succinctly swap the values of two variables in Go language?
  20. Which format verb with fmt.Printf() is used to print the type of a variable in Go?
  21. Which format verb with fmt.Printf() is used to print the double-quoted string in Go?
  22. How can we truncate float value (float32, float64) to a particular precision in Golang?
  23. What form of type conversion does Go support?
  24. Does Go language have ternary operator?
  25. Explain what are string literals?
  26. Does Go language have exception handling?
  27. Does Go language supports recursion?
  28. What is a closure in Golang?
  29. Can closure be a recursive in Golang?
  30. Can we return multiple values from a function in Golang?
  31. How to instantiate struct using new keyword in Golang?
  32. How to instantiate struct pointer address operator in Golang?
  33. Does the standard Go compiler support function inlining?
  34. What is the difference between concurrent and parallelism in Golang?
  35. What is the easiest way to check if a slice is empty in Golang?
  36. How to find the number of CPU Cores used by the current process in Golang?
  37. How to assign string to bytes array in Golang?
  38. How to declare and assign multiple variables using short variable declaration in Golang?
  39. How to Implement Return Parameters in Golang?
  40. How to get process id in Golang?
  41. Avoid annoying errors 'declared and not used', 'imported and not used' in Golang?
  42. How to read a whole file into a string variable in Golang?
  43. What is the zero value for time.Time in Golang?
  44. How to get the directory of the currently running file in Golang?

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