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Golang Timers & Tickers Programs

Go programming language has built-in features for timers & trickers. The timers are to implement the tasks that you want to execute in the future once and the tickers are to implement the task that you want to execute repeatedly at regular intervals.

This section contains the solved Golang Timers & Tickers programs. Practice these to learn the concepts of timers & tickers, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Golang Timers & Tickers programs.

List of Golang Timers & Tickers Programs

  1. Golang program to implement the ticker for every second
  2. Golang program to implement the multiple tickers
  3. Golang program to print the received value from the ticker
  4. Golang program to implement a global ticker
  5. Golang program to perform some other activities with the ticker
  6. Golang program to stop a ticker explicitly
  7. Golang program to implement the timer
  8. Golang program to implement the timer with go function
  9. Golang program to stop the timer explicitly

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