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Golang Switch Statement Programs

The switch statement is a shorter way to write the multiple if-else statements together, it contains the multiple values (case values) to be checked with the given variable value and executes the particular case block if the variable's value matched with the case value. In the switch case statement – We can use commas (,) to separate multiple expressions in the same case statement. The default case is optional as well.

This section contains the solved programs on the Golang switch statement. Practice these Golang switch statement programs to learn the condition-based concepts, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the Golang switch statement programs.

List of Golang Switch Statement Programs

  1. Golang program to demonstrate the switch case with optional statement and expression
  2. Golang program to demonstrate the switch case without optional statement and expression
  3. Golang program to demonstrate the switch case with expression
  4. Golang program to use the expression in the case statement
  5. Golang program to create a simple calculator using switch case

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