PHP Array Programs

This section contains PHP array programs on various PHP array operations like, creating array, printing array, finding length, inserting elements, finding minimum, and maximum elements, etc.

List of PHP Array Programs

  1. PHP program to find the maximum and minimum element of an array
  2. Appending/merging of two arrays in PHP
  3. How to get the length of the array in PHP?
  4. Delete an element from an array in PHP
  5. Create an associative array in PHP
  6. How to get the only values from an associative array in PHP?
  7. PHP program to sort an integer array in ascending and descending order
  8. PHP | Delete an element from an array using unset() function
  9. PHP | Delete all occurrences of an element from an array
  10. PHP | Find the occurrences of a given element in an array
  11. Check if an array is empty or not in PHP
  12. How to find the index of an element in an array using PHP?
  13. Removing Array Element and Re-Indexing in PHP
  14. PHP Append One Array to Another
  15. PHP in_array() Function
  16. Searching Products by Price and Availability in PHP
  17. PHP Program to Find the Youngest Person in a List

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