PHP File Handling: Programs, Exercises, and Scripts

File handling is an important concept of any programming language. By using PHP file handling, we can create, open, delete, and manipulate file/directories.

Find the popular and most useful PHP file handling programs/examples with solution, output, and examples. Practice these exercises to learn the concept of PHP file handling.

Programs, Exercises, and Scripts on PHP File Handling

Below are the useful programs on PHP file handling:

  1. How do you get the last modified information of a file using PHP?
  2. How to count the number of lines in a file using PHP?
  3. PHP program to read and display text from a file
  4. PHP program to write text to a file
  5. Create files with encrypted and decrypted data from a file in PHP
  6. PHP - How to get the first day of the current year?
  7. PHP - Check if a file exists or not
  8. How to rename a file in PHP?
  9. PHP - Copy a file from one directory to another
  10. PHP - Copy the entire contents of a directory to another directory
  11. How to create a temporary file in PHP?
  12. PHP program to get most repeated word in a file
  13. PHP program to get an array of all words from text file

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