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In any programming language, the exceptions are used to change the regular flow of a program if a specified error occurs. During the program execution, if any error occurs due to any reason program gets crashed, to avoid this issue – we use exception handling, it handles the execution flow of the program and sends the control to a specified catch block.

This section contains the PHP solved program on exception handling, practice these programs to learn the concept of handling exceptions in a PHP code. Each program has solved code, output, and explanation.

List of PHP Exception Handling Programs

  1. PHP program to demonstrate the Divide By Zero Exception using exception handling
  2. PHP program to demonstrate the Array index out of bound exception using exception handling
  3. PHP program to demonstrate the NULL reference exception using exception handling
  4. PHP program to create a user-defined exception class
  5. PHP program to create DivideByZeroException class
  6. PHP program to demonstrate the finally block in exception handling
  7. PHP program to demonstrate the use of multiple catch blocks

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