Convert octal string to integer using stoi() function in C++ STL

C++ STL stoi() function: Here, we are going to learn how to convert a given octal string to an integer using stoi() function.
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Given an octal string, we have to convert it into an integer using stoi() function.

C++ STL stoi() function

stoi() stands for string to integer, it is a standard library function in C++ STL, it is used to convert a given string in various formats (like binary, octal, hex or a simple number in string formatted) into an integer.


    int stoi (const string&  str, [size_t* idx], [int base]);


  • const string& str is an input string.
  • size_t* idx is an optional parameter (pointer to the object whose value is set by the function), it's default value is 0 or we can assign it to nullptr.
  • int base is also an optional parameter, its default is 10. It specifies the radix to determine the value type of input string (2 for binary, 8 for octal, 10 for decimal and 16 for hexadecimal).

Return value: It returns converted integer value.


    string oct_string = "12345";

    Function call:
    stoi(oct_string, 0, 8);


C++ STL code to convert an octal string into an integer

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
using namespace std;

int main()
	string oct_string = "12345670";
	int number =0;

	number = stoi(oct_string, 0, 8);
	cout<<"oct_string: "<<oct_string<<endl;
	cout<<"number: "<<number<<endl;

	oct_string = "12345";
	number = stoi(oct_string, 0, 8);
	cout<<"oct_string: "<<oct_string<<endl;
	cout<<"number: "<<number<<endl;

	return 0;


oct_string: 12345670
number: 2739128
oct_string: 12345
number: 5349

Reference: std::stoi()

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