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Shivangi Jain

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Shivangi Jain
Name Shivangi Jain
Study B.E. Computer Science (2016-2020)
College Rustamji institute of Technology Gwalior
Interest Programming, App development, Data structures, Algorithms
Technology known Programming: C++, Java
Database: MySQL
Web designing: HTML, CSS

“If you really want something and really work hard, and Take advantage of opportunities, and never give up, YOU WILL FIND A WAY.”

Her submissions

Computer Science Organization

  1. Computer Science Organization | Pipelining.
  2. Computer Science Organization | Parallel Processing.
  3. Computer Science Organization | Mapping Techniques.
  4. Vector processing, its characteristics and instruction fields | Computer Science Organization.
  5. Central Processing Unit (CPU) | Computer Science Organization.
  6. Floating point representation | Computer Science Organization.


  1. Backtracking (Types and Algorithms).
  2. 4 Queen’s problem and solution using backtracking algorithm.
  3. N Queen’s problem and solution using backtracking algorithm.
  4. Optimal Merge Pattern (Algorithm and Example).
  5. Graph coloring problem’s solution using backtracking algorithm.
  6. Branch and Bound.
  7. Deterministic and Non Deterministic Algorithms.
  8. Lower Bound Theory.
  9. Breadth First Search (BFS) and Depth First Search (DFS) Algorithms.
  10. P and NP problems and solutions | Algorithms.
  11. Travelling Salesman Problem.
  12. 2 – 3 Trees Algorithm.
  13. Multistage graph problem with forward approach and backward approach algorithms.
  14. Floyd Warshall algorithm with its Pseudo Code.
  15. Reliability design problem.

Operating systems

  1. Job sequencing (algorithm, time complexity and example) in Operating System.


  1. Top websites to learn Android programming.


  1. Packages in Java.

Data Structure

  1. Hamiltonian Cycle in Data Structure.

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