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Computer Network Applications: In this tutorial, we will learn about the various application of a computer network. By Abhishek Jain Last updated : April 26, 2023

Applications of Computer Network

The following are the some of the application of computer network:

1. Data Sharing

It is the capability of sharing data with multiple users over the network. In order to share the data among multiple users, it is generally stored on servers. Different applications can therefore access the data from these servers easily. A special software locking mechanism is maintained over the network, so as to prevent multiple users from modifying the data. The sharing of data among the multiple users in an interactive way is known as data conferencing.

2. Remote Data Access

Remote data access is the process of accessing the data from remote location in an efficient way. Different software programs are used to provide an interface to the end users for accessing the data remotely.

3. Resource Sharing

Resource sharing is the process of sharing the resources such as storage devices, input/output devices, etc. over the network. For example, printer can be shared among the computers connected in a network by attaching it to the server computer. When the users want their documents to be printed they can simply give the print command from their computers and get their document printed. The sharing of a printer on a network is relatively cheaper than attaching separate printers to the individual computers connected in the network.

4. Communication

The far-reaching applications of network are electronic mail and teleconferencing. These applications allow individuals as well as organizations to use networks for exchanging messages (written, voice and video) extensively. Electronic mail enables a person to send and receive instant messages over a computer network with the help of Internet. On the other hand, teleconferencing enables real-time communication over a distance by allowing people at different locations to communicate with each other by seeing the video picture of people at other sites. This is also referred as virtual meeting.

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