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Multiple Access Protocol in Computer Network

In this tutorial, we will learn what is multiple access protocol for channel between sender and receiver? By Radib Kar Last updated : May 05, 2023

What is multiple control access?

The channel between sender and receiver is not always a dedicated link. There can be multiple sender and receiver using the same link. Just think of the cellular network where the channel is not dedicated. When you are talking with your friend, maybe someone else is also using the same channel while communicating with his friend.

In such cases, we need multiple control access. We can consider the data link layer as two sublayers. The upper sublayer is responsible for data link control, and the lower sublayer is responsible for resolving access to the shared media.

When nodes or stations are connected and use a common link, called a multipoint or broadcast link, we need a multiple-access protocol to coordinate access to the link.

Types of Multiple Access Protocol

The multiple control access methods can be divided into three sub-categories:

The random access methods are:

  • Aloha
  • Pure Aloha

Controlled-access methods are:

  • Reservation
  • Polling
  • Token Passing

Channelization methods are:

We are going to see all the methods in details in further articles.

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