C++ 'or_eq' Keyword with Example

C++ | 'or_eq' keyword: Here, we are going to learn about the 'or_eq' keyword which is an alternative to Bitwise OR Assignment operator.
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"or_eq" is an inbuilt keyword that has been around since at least C++98. It is an alternative to |= (Bitwise OR Assignment) operator and it mostly uses for bit manipulations.

The or_eq keyword performs Bitwise OR operation and assigns the result to the left/first operand.


    operand_1 or_eq operand_2;

Here, operand_1 and operand_2 are the operands.


    bitset<4> value("1100");
    bitset<4> mask ("1010");
    value or_eq mask;

    value = 1110

C++ example to demonstrate the use of "or_eq" keyword

// C++ example to demonstrate the use of
// 'or_eq' keyword

#include <iostream>
#include <bitset>
using namespace std;

int main()
    bitset<4> value("1011");
    bitset<4> mask1("1100");
    bitset<4> mask2("0100");

    // before operation
    cout << "value: " << value << endl;
    cout << "mask1: " << mask1 << endl;
    cout << "mask2: " << mask2 << endl;

    value or_eq mask1;

    cout << "After operation (1)...\n";
    cout << "value: " << value << endl;

    value or_eq mask2;

    cout << "After operation (2)...\n";
    cout << "value: " << value << endl;

    return 0;


value: 1011
mask1: 1100
mask2: 0100
After operation (1)...
value: 1111
After operation (2)...
value: 1111

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