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How to get the disk usage information in Golang?

Here, we will learn to get the disk usage information in Golang.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on November 12, 2021 [Last updated : March 05, 2023]

Getting the disk usage information in Golang

In the Go programming language, to get disk usage information – we use the Statfs() function of the syscall package. The Statfs() function is used to get the filesystem statistics.


func Statfs(path string, buf *Statfs_t) (err error)

Consider the below example demonstrating how to get disk usage information in Golang?

Golang code to get the disk usage information

package main

import (

// Creating structure for DiskStatus
type DiskStatus struct {
	All  uint64 `json:"All"`
	Used uint64 `json:"Used"`
	Free uint64 `json:"Free"`

// Function to get
// disk usage of path/disk
func DiskUsage(path string) (disk DiskStatus) {
	fs := syscall.Statfs_t{}
	err := syscall.Statfs(path, &fs)
	if err != nil {
	disk.All = fs.Blocks * uint64(fs.Bsize)
	disk.Free = fs.Bfree * uint64(fs.Bsize)
	disk.Used = disk.All - disk.Free

// Defining constants to convert size units
const (
	B  = 1
	KB = 1024 * B
	MB = 1024 * KB
	GB = 1024 * MB

func main() {
	// Getting filesystem statistics
	disk := DiskUsage("/")
	fmt.Printf("All: %.2f GB\n", float64(disk.All)/float64(GB))
	fmt.Printf("Used: %.2f GB\n", float64(disk.Used)/float64(GB))
	fmt.Printf("Free: %.2f GB\n", float64(disk.Free)/float64(GB))


All: 28.90 GB
Used: 24.47 GB
Free: 4.44 GB

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