Linux Best Distribution Software (Distros) of 2024

In this article, we are going to learn about Linux Best Distribution Software (Distros) of 2024. Which are: UBUNTU, LINUX MINT CINNAMON, PARROT OS, ELEMENTARY OS, ZORIN OS. By Himanshu Bhatt Last updated : April 14, 2024

What is Linux?

Linux... In today's era, Linux is one of the most popular Operating systems in the industry, though individual users like you or me may or may not be familiar with it, most companies and organization solely use Linux and today around 70% of servers are Linux. So you are already on Linux? Congrats you're my favorite kind of people. But if you're not and want to switch to Linux then viola! You're at the right place, this article for you.

If you are still not sure about Linux, visit: Why do people like Linux or its distributions so much?

Linux Best Distribution Software (Distros)

If I say these are the top 5 Linux distribution (Distros) or Worlds best, then my friends I might be lying to you and myself, each distribution (Distro) is unique in their own way and have a purpose.


Ubuntu is the most popular Linux, and my favorite *wink*. It is powerful, light and as a new user easy to adapt. Its current version is Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) as this is an LTS (Long-term support) this will be in support for 5 years till 5 April 2023.

Linux best distribution 1

Ubuntu comes with great hardware drivers so you need not worry about it and have a great community support. Ubuntu comes with basic software be it video player, music player or some games to kill boredom and utility software. Ubuntu comes with a “Try before you install” option where you can run a live Ubuntu from a DVD or a live USB stick. This is one of the must-try distros.

Linux best distribution 2

To learn more and download Ubuntu from Official site:


Linux mint uses Cinnamon desktop GUI environment, this comes with Long term support. Its current version release is Mint 19 (Tara). The one reason this made into our list is this is similar to Windows 7, anyone loves Windows 7 will love Mint.

Linux best distribution 3

Again this comes with a load of softwares and its learning curve is not steep so I recommend Mint to all the beginners. It is fast and runs smoothly on old systems. Mint is built on Ubuntu base meaning it supports and use same repositories as Ubuntu and provide a hassle-free experience to new beginners as the software are stable with less or no bugs and unexpected crashes.

Learn about Mint more and download from the official site:


I just use Parrot OS and fell in love with it, this is a powerful Linux distro and have three versions for different purposes. Parrot OS renowned in the field of Cybersecurity and used mostly by IT security professionals but wait this is not the reason this made into this list Parrot OS it has a lighter version for the Desktop version to use it as normal OS.

Linux best distribution 4

If you are thinking about using Parrot OS as you're first Linux Distro then go for Home edition.

Linux best distribution 5

To learn more and download PARROT OS from Official site:


Elementary OS is one of the most elegant and beautifully designed Linux distros which has Ubuntu base. It provides a user-friendly experience to a Windows user while providing a mac experience.

Linux best distribution 6

The current stable version is Elementary 0.4.1 (Loki) though Elementry 5.0 (Juno) is out but still in beta version. Elementary provides its own store to choose from thousands of apps and supports third-party apps. If you want to switch to Linux with an appealing look, I suggest going for Elementary OS.

Linux best distribution 7

To learn more and download ELEMENTARY OS from Official site:


This OS is for those who are Windows user and wants a Linux with Windows experience, must try Zorin OS. It is clean, beautiful, powerful and secure. Zorin OS has its own theme engine namely "Zorin look changer", which supplies heavy customization and amazing feel. It is Ubuntu based but highly refined such anyone can use it. The package manager is something different it comes with pre-installed Wine and PlayOnLinux so you can run the games you loved on Windows.

Linux best distribution 8

Linux best distribution 9

To learn more and download ZORIN OS (for 64 bits) from Official site:

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