PHP program to get most repeated word in a file

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Problem statement

Given a text file, write a PHP program to get the most repeated word in a file.

Getting most repeated word in a file

To get the most repeated word in a file, first read the file and get the content of the file using the file_get_contents() function, tokenize the content into words using the str_word_count() function, count the occurrences of each word using the array_count_values() function, and then get the most repeated word by using the loop.

PHP program to get most repeated word in a file

There is a file with some content, this PHP script will find and print the most repeated word.


function find_most_repeated_word($filename)
    // Read the file and store the content in a variable
    $file_data = file_get_contents($filename);

    // The below regex will remove the punctuations
    // and convert the content in lowercase
    $file_data = strtolower(preg_replace("/[^\p{L}\p{N}\s]/u", "", $file_data));

    // Tokenize the file's data into words
    // store it into a variable (array-like)
    $words_arr = str_word_count($file_data, 1);

    // Now, count the occurrences of each word from the array
    // that contains the words after tokenizing
    $word_occurrences_arr = array_count_values($words_arr);

    // Variable to store the most repeated word
    $most_repeated_word = "";
    $max = 0;

    foreach ($word_occurrences_arr as $word => $count) {
        if ($count > $max) {
            $most_repeated_word = $word;
            $max = $count;

    // Return the result
    return $most_repeated_word;

// Main code
// Take a file
$filename = "file.txt";

// Call the function, get the most repeated word
$frequent = find_most_repeated_word($filename);

// Check condition and print
if (!empty($frequent)) {
    echo "Most repeated word is: $frequent";
} else {
    echo "No words found.\n";



File's content:

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The output of the above program is:

Most repeated word is: the

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