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Birthdate Counter (Track Your Age to the Second)

Use this birthdate counter tool to track your age to the second. This tool is very useful to calculate days and/or time to the given birth date.

Birthdate Counter







About Birthdate Counter

This Birthdate Counter Tool is a web application or tool that allows users to calculate and display the time remaining until or elapsed since a specific birthdate.

It usually displays the remaining time in different units such as days, hours, minutes, and seconds.

Users input their birthdate, and the tool calculates the difference between that date and the current date to determine the time remaining or elapsed.

Features of Birthdate Counter

Below are the lists of features for this tool:

  • The tool includes a single input field with type="date" where users can select their birthdate from a calendar.
  • This tool checked whether the input date was valid and displayed an alert message showing the error if not.
  • The tool has two buttons: 'Count' and 'Clear'. When the 'Count' button is clicked, it will calculate the remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds.
  • The second button is used to clear or erase the currently displayed data on the tool.

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