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Tip Calculator - Tool to Calculate Tip Amount Online

Use our free tip calculator to calculate tips easily and quickly whenever you want to give a tip for someone's service whether you're at home or overseas.

Tip Calculator

Input Parameters

Tip Amount

About Tip Calculator

This online tip calculator tool is used to calculate tip amount. This tool is commonly used in restaurants, bars, and other service industries where tipping is customary. It helps ensure fair compensation for service providers and simplifies the process of calculating tips for customers.

Technologies Used to Create Tip Calculator Tool

This tool is developed using the following web technologies:

  • HTML - It is responsible for developing the tool layout.
  • CSS - It is used to design the tool layout developed by HTML.
  • JavaScript - It is responsible for handling the features and functionalities of this tool.

Features of Tip Calculator Tool

Following are the lists of features that this tool offers for the users:

  • This tool provides two input fields that allow users to input the total amount and the number of people with whom they want to split the tip.
  • The tool includes a single drop-down field with options for 25%, 20%, 15%, 10%, and 5%. This allows users to select the desired percentage of the total amount for the tip.
  • Once all fields have appropriate values, you can calculate the tip per person by clicking on the "calculate" button. The total amount payable, including the tip, will be displayed.
  • If users attempt to calculate without entering any amount, a pop-up message will appear alerting them that the amount is required.
  • This tool provides a "clear" button. Clicking it clears all entries and resets the tool for a fresh calculation.

We have covered all the functionality, features, and used web technologies.

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