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Random Password Generator - Create Strong and Secure Passwords Online

Use this random password generator tool to generate secure, strong, and random passwords of the combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

Random Password Generator

Input Parameters

Please select the checkboxes below for the password that you want to include:


About Random Password Generator

This random password generator is a simple online tool that generates a random password according to specific criteria such as length and complexity requirements. It is highly useful for organizations and developers working on real-time websites to generate a temporary password for their employees and users.


Let's consider a scenario where a company has recently hired 20 new employees. When these employees login to the company portal, Teams, or Gmail for the first time, they are provided a temporary password. It can be challenging for the admin to generate unique passwords for all 20 employees. In such cases, administrators often use password-generator tools to create random passwords that meet the company's security requirements.

Technologies Used to Create This Random Password Generator

We have used the following web technologies to create this tool to make the admin and organization work easy:

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

HTML - Used to develop the layout of the tool, including boxes, headings, input fields, text and checkbox types, spans, and buttons.

CSS - Used to design the tool layout developed by HTML, it manages the fonts, width, height, padding, margin, color, border, etc.

JavaScript - Used to provide the functionality when the user interacts with the tool. For example, when the user clicks on the 'generate password' button, an on-click event triggers at the backend and calls a function in JavaScript that is responsible for generating the password.

Features of Random Password Generator

Following are the lists of features that the tool has:

  1. This tool has an input field containing a default password length of 5. You can modify it based on your requirements once it's loaded on the browser.
  2. The tool has four different checkboxes that you can use according to your needs by checking the displayed checkbox. Checkbox 1 is for uppercase characters (from A to Z), Checkbox 2 is for lowercase characters (from a to z), Checkbox 3 is for numbers (from 0 to 9), and Checkbox 4 is for symbols (!@#$%^&?).
  3. The tool has two buttons: "Generate Password" and "Clear". When users click on the "Generate Password" button, a newly generated password will be displayed by the tool. If the user does not enter a length value or check any of the requirements, an alert message will be displayed to notify them of the requirements.
  4. The clear button clears current operations and a generated password to start fresh.

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