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Use this Free URL Slug Generator Tool to generate URL Slug from the given title of an article, tutorial, or any webpage. Paste the title, choose URL separator, and click on "General URL" to get the SEO-friendly URL for your webpage.

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About URL Slug Generator

This URL Slug Generator tool can be used by the publisher to generate the URL slugs from the titles for their web pages. This tool is safe, secure, and fast to generate the URL slugs, and has been tested with various test cases.

How URL Slug Generator Works?

  • Input the title of an article, tutorial, or webpage.
  • Choose the separator (by default it is Hyphen) and then click on the "Generate URL Slug" button.
  • The URL Slug Generator tool will generate an URL slug for your next article.
  • Copy and use it.

Examples of URL Slugs from the Titles

Example 1


UK weather: 2023 was second warmest year on record, says Met Office

URL Slug:


Example 2


Hello, World! How're You? This year will bring you on Top#1

URL Slug:


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