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Extract Numbers from Text and Strings Online

Use this online number extractor tool to extract all numbers from the given text. Simply write or paste the text to extract all numbers from it.

Extract All Numbers From Text

Input Text

Result: Extracted Numbers

About Number Extractor Tool

This online number extractor tool is an online utility or web tool designed to identify and extract numerical values from a given text input. This tool generally provides a user-friendly interface where users can input text containing numbers, and click the provided button to extract numbers from text and display those numeric values.

Why Number Extractor Tool is Useful?

This tool is highly useful for extracting numbers such as mobile numbers, PIN codes, or any other numerical details from the user's or employee's personal information.

For example, if 100 users have submitted their details and the admin is unable to scroll through all the information to extract PINs, mobile numbers, or any other numerical information, they can simply copy and paste each user's details into this tool. It can extract all numerical information within seconds.

Features of Number Extractor Tool

Following are the lists of the features this tool offers to the users:

  • The tool provides two textarea fields: one for entering the text or information containing numerical values, and the other to display the extracted numbers from the input text.
  • The tool supports validation to prevent users from extracting numbers until they enter text into the provided textarea field.
  • This tool has two buttons namely "Extract" and "Clear".
  • The "Extract" button is used to extract numbers found in the entered text when clicked.
  • The "Clear" button is used to clear the current data displayed in the tool so that the user can start fresh.

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