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Free Text to Speech Converter Online

Use this free text-to-speech (TTS) converter tool to convert text to speech online, here you can play and download the converted speech (voice).

Text to Speech Converter

About Text to Speech Converter

This Text-to-voice converter tool is also known as Text-to-Speech (TTS). It is an online utility or service that converts written (or entered) text into spoken words. It takes input text in various formats via input field, text area, etc., and generates synthesized speech output that can be played through speakers or headphones.

Why Text-to-Speech (TTS) is Useful?

This tool is highly useful when people struggle to pronounce words correctly. It helps users, including students, learn the correct pronunciation of complex words.

What is Text to Speech?

A Text to speech refers to converting the written text into spoken words. It allows computers, devices, and applications to speak out text content in a natural-sounding voice or system voice.

What does TTS Mean?

TTS stands for Text-to-Speech, which is a tool or software used to convert written text into spoken words.

What Languages does this TTS converter Support?

The TTS converter supports a variety of languages for its text-to-speech functionality. The availability of languages depends on your system setup, voice selection, and current country location. Supported language includes English.

How does Text to Speech Online Work?

Text-to-speech online works through a combination of software logic and algorithms and rules designed to convert written text into spoken words.

Features of Text to Speech Converter

Following are the lists of the features this tool offers to the users:

  • The tool provides a single text area where users can enter the text they want to convert to speech.
  • It supports validation to ensure users cannot convert text to speech until they have entered text into the field.
  • This tool has three buttons namely "Speak", "Stop", and "Clear".
  • The "Speak" button converts the entered text into speech that can be listened to through speakers or headphones when clicked.
  • The "Stop" button is used to stop the current voice when it is clicked.
  • The "Clear" button is used to erase the current text so users can enter fresh text for pronunciation.

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