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Free Text Comparison Tool Online

Paste and compare two given text phrases – Use this free text comparison tool to compare the differences between two given text phrases. You can either type or paste the text to find their difference.

Text Comparison Online
Free Online Text Compare Tool

Input Text Phrase 1

Input Text Phrase 2

Result (Text Difference)

About Free Text Comparison Tool Online

This text comparison tool is an online utility that allows users to compare two or more pieces of text to identify similarities and differences.

These tools are commonly used in various fields such as content development, software industries, and anywhere there is a need to compare new or existing content or text.


Let's consider a scenario: suppose you work in the content industry and you're writing some content. You're unsure whether the content already exists or not. In such a situation, you can use this tool to easily compare the new and existing text to see if they are similar.

Features of Free Text Comparison Tool Online

Following are the lists of the features this tool offers to the users:

  • This tool provides two text area fields where the user can enter the text they want to compare.
  • The tool offers two buttons: "Compare" and "Reset".
  • When the "Compare" button is clicked, a function is called to compare the entered text.
  • This tool adds one more feature: when clicked, it displays similar text in both fields next to the button.
  • The reset button clears all data so the user can start over and compare new texts.
  • Tool supports validation that the user can't compare the text till the user can't enter the text to compare.

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