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Free BMI Calculator Tool | Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Use this free body mass index calculator (BMI Calculator) to find the BMI value based on the given information (height and weight).

BMI Calculator Online
Calculate Your Body Mass Index

Input Information

Result (Body Mass Index)

About BMI Calculator Online

The BMI Calculator Tool is an online utility that allows users to calculate their BMI. The BMI stands for Body Mass Index. Users can simply enter their weight and height and can calculate their BMI.

What is BMI?

The BMI stands for "Body Mass Index". It is a measure used to estimate whether a person has a healthy body weight for height.

How Body Mass Index (BMI) is Calculated?

The Body Mass Index is calculated by dividing a person's weight in kilograms by the square of their height in meters (BMI = kg/m^2).

Let's try to understand through an example taking input and output scenario:

Height = 170 cm
Weight = 64 kg

Formula (BMI) = Weight in kg / ((height  / 100) ^ 2)
    = (64) / ((170/100)^2)
    = 22.15

After seeing the above calculations, you have an idea how to calculate the BMI.

Features of Free BMI Calculator Tool

Following are the lists of the features this tool offers to the users:

  • The tool provides two input fields where the user can enter their weight in "kg" and height in "cm".
  • Tools support a validation if the user does not enter anything and tries to calculate the BMI it will display an error message saying "Input is required…!" in red color.
  • The tool offers one more feature that displays BMI in different colors like, for normal BMI, the color will be "green", "overweight" will be displayed in "red" color, "obese" displayed in "pink" color, and "underweight" in "blue" color.
  • The tool provides two buttons named "Calculate" and "Clear".
  • The "Calculate" button is used to calculate the BMI of the interred input value when it is clicked.
  • The "Clear" is used to clear all the displayed data within the tool to start fresh.

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