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Extract URLs from Text

This Extract URLs from Text tool can be used for anyone to extract the list of all URLs from the text. To get all URLs, you just need to paste the text and click on the Extract URLs button.

Extract URLs from Text

Input/Paste Text

Result: Extracted URLs

About Extract URLs from Text

This extract URLs from text tool is an online utility that is useful for users to quickly extract HTML links (URLs) from given text. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

This extract URLs from text tool is highly useful when you have millions of user data entries in text format containing portfolio links, social media links, etc. If you need to extract all the links and URLs from each user's data, this tool is recommended. Enter your data containing URLs into the provided field, which will extract the URLs and links within seconds.

Process to Get URLs from Text

  • Copy the content (text) from where you want to extract the URLs.
  • Paste it into the input box.
  • Click on the "Extract URLs" button.

Features of Extract URLs from Text

Below are the lists of features for this tool:

  • The tool provides two text area fields: the first field allows users to enter data containing links and URLs, while the second field displays the extracted links and URLs from the entered data.
  • The tool supports validation to prevent users from extracting links and URLs from empty data.
  • This tool offers three different buttons: "Extract URLs", "Clear", "Copy", and "Download", each serving a specific function:
  • The "Extract URLs" button is used to extract the links and URLs from the entered data.
  • The "Clear" button erases all the data displayed within the tool, allowing the user to start fresh with extraction.
  • The "Copy" button enhances the tool's functionality by enabling users to copy the extracted URLs and links with a single click, eliminating the need for manual copying.
  • The "Download" button downloads a text file containing all extracted URLs.

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