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Display Processor in Computer Graphics

Computer Graphics | Display Processor: In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the Display Processors, various parts of the Display Processor and their working. We will also learn each of its parts in detail.
Submitted by Monika Sharma, on April 07, 2020

Display Processor

Display Processor is a part of computer graphics which is used to convert the code into pictures. In other words, we can say that the Display Processor is used to convert the digital information or the digital signal into analog. Hence, the display Processor in simple terms can also be called digital to analog converter. The conversion in the Display Processors depends on the types of devices and the functions used for graphical representations.

The main purpose of the Display Processor is scan conversion. Scan Conversion is a process of displaying different graphics objects as a collection of pixels. In this process, we have to differentiate graphics objects a collection of different mathematical shapes like ellipse, rectangle, and polygons. It is also called Display Processing Unit, DPU in short.

Parts of Display Processor

There are 4 major parts of the Display Processor,

  1. Display File Memory
  2. Display Controller
  3. Display Generator
  4. Display Console
Display Processor in Computer Graphics

Block Diagram of Display Processor

Now let us study about the usage and working of each of these parts.

1) Display File Memory

It is used to display the pictures on the screen. The Display File Memory identifies the different graphics objects or entities. All the pixel values that are to be showed on the screen are there in the display File memory.

2) Display Controller

The Display Controller handles the flow instructions in the display processor. It is responsible for handling the interrupt and to maintain the timings between their executions. Interpretation of the instructions is also performed by the Display Controller.

3) Display Generator

Display Generator is used to generate characters and shapes on the screen. This displays the shapes and characters according to the input we give in it. In short, the Display Generator is used for generating curves and characters on the screen.

4) Display Console

Display Console is a combination of a display device and an input device. This is the part of the Display Processor which shows the output on the screen. The Cathode Ray Tube comes under the Display Console. In common terms, the display console is the screen on which you see all your graphical outputs.

Display Devices

Some Display Devices are listed below,

  • Cathode Ray Tube
  • Random Scan and Raster Scan
  • Color CRT Monitors
  • Flat Panel Display
  • Lookup Table
  • Direct View Storage Tubes

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