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Radib Kar
Name Radib Kar
Course Bachelor of Engineering (B.E), Computer Science & Eng.
College Jadavpur University
Technical skills C, C++, Java, JavaScript, MATLAB, HTML, CSS

His submissions

Data Structure

  1. Implementation of Queue using two Stacks
  2. Implementation of Stack using two Queues
  3. Level Order Traversal on a Binary Tree | Data Structure
  4. Find the number of leaf nodes in a Binary Tree | Data Structure
  5. Find whether two trees are structurally identical or not | Data Structure
  6. Introduction to Linked List
  7. Single Linked list and its basic operations with traversing implementation
  8. Single linked list insertion
  9. Single linked list deletion
  10. Deleting a node from a linked list without head pointer
  11. Boundary Traversal of a binary Tree

C, C++

  1. Queue in C++ Standard Template Library (STL)
  2. C++ program Input list of candidates and find winner of the Election based on received votes
  3. C++ program of Airline Seat Reservation Problem
  4. C++ STL sort function to sort an array or vector
  5. <bits/stdc++.h> as header file in C++
  6. C program to find second largest elements in a one dimensional array
  7. C program to find two largest elements in a one dimensional array
  8. C program to find second smallest element in a one dimensional array
  9. C program to find two smallest elements in a one dimensional array
  10. C Program to Cyclically Permute the Elements of an Array
  11. C program to accept Sorted Array and do Search using Binary Search
  12. C Program to find the Biggest Number in an Array of Numbers using Recursion
  13. C++ program to Sort Names in an Alphabetical Order
  14. C++ program to print all the Repeated Numbers with Frequency in an Array
  15. C++ program to print all the Non-repeated Numbers in an Array
  16. Bitwise Operators and their working with Examples in C
  17. C program to find the Highest Bit Set for any given Integer
  18. C program to check if all the bits of a given integer is one (1)
  19. C program to count number of bits set to 1 in an Integer
  20. C program to display a Linked List in Reverse
  21. C program to check whether a given number is palindrome or not using Bitwise Operator
  22. C program to Reverse only First N Elements of a Linked List
  23. C program to find odd or even number using bitmasking
  24. C program to replace bit in an integer at a specified position from another integer
  25. C program to swap two Integers using Bitwise Operators
  26. C program to Check if nth Bit in a 32-bit Integer is set or not
  27. Merge sort for single linked lists
  28. C++ program to find Union of two single Linked Lists
  29. Find intersection of two linked lists using C++ program
  30. C program to convert a Binary Tree into a Singly Linked List by Traversing Level by Level
  31. Stack in C++ STL (Standard Template Library)
  32. stack::push() function in C++ STL
  33. stack::pop() function in C++ STL
  34. stack::top() function in C++ STL
  35. stack::size() function in C++ STL
  36. stack::empty() function in C++ STL
  37. set::size() function in C++ STL
  38. set::erase() function in C++ STL
  39. set::insert() function in C++ STL
  40. set::empty() function in C++ STL
  41. set::emplace() function in C++ STL
  42. set::clear() function in C++ STL
  43. set::lower_bound() function in C++ STL
  44. set::upper_bound() function in C++ STL
  45. set::find() function in C++ STL
  46. Set in C++ STL (Standard Template Library)
  47. How to convert an integer to string in C++ STL?
  48. String::length() Function with Example in C++ STL
  49. How to convert a character to string in C++ STL?
  50. Accessing character elements from a string in C++ STL
  51. Comparing two string using comparison operators in C++ STL
  52. Concatenating two string using + (plus) operator in C++ STL
  53. std::string in C++ STL (Standard Template Library)
  54. Difference between Call by Reference and Call by Value | Use of Pointer
  55. Multimap insert(), erase() in C++ STL
  56. Multimap find(), lower_bound(), upper_bound() in C++ STL
  57. Multimap in C++ STL
  58. C++ STL | User-defined comparator for priority queue
  59. C++ STL | Sort a map based on values instead of keys
  60. sizeof() Operator in C/C++
  61. Different ways to copy a vector in C++
  62. Passing vector to a function in C++
  63. Initialize 2D vector in C++ in different ways
  64. Sort a 2D vector in C++
  65. std::pair, std::tuple to return multiple values from a function
  66. Default argument in C++
  67. std::nth_element() in C++
  68. Finding Median of an unsorted array in Linear Time using C++ standard library function
  69. Shuffling an array using C++ STL function
  70. std::binary_search() in C++
  71. std::equal() in C++
  72. std::for_each() in C++
  73. std::find() with examples in C++
  74. std::find_first_of() with examples in C++
  75. Replace all vowels in a string using C++ STL function
  76. std::includes() function with example in C++
  77. Size of struct in C | padding, alignment in struct
  78. Size of a class in C++ | Padding, alignment in class | Size of derived class
  79. Comparing two strings in C++
  80. std::string::compare() function with example in C++
  81. std::next_permutation() function with example in C++ STL
  82. std::swap() function with example in C++ STL
  83. std::lower_bound() function with example in C++ STL
  84. std::upper_bound() function with example in C++ STL
  85. std::swap_ranges() function with example in C++
  86. How to access a global variable if there is a local variable with same name in C++?
  87. Calling Undeclared Function in C and C++
  88. Multithreading in C/C++
  89. Sum of an array using Multithreading in C/C++


Interview coding problems/challenges

  1. Run-length encoding (find/print frequency of letters in a string)
  2. Sort an array of 0's, 1's and 2's in linear time complexity
  3. Checking Anagrams (check whether two string is anagrams or not)
  4. Relative sorting algorithm
  5. Finding subarray with given sum
  6. Find the level in a binary tree with given sum K
  7. Check whether a Binary Tree is BST (Binary Search Tree) or not
  8. 1[0]1 Pattern Count
  9. Capitalize first and last letter of each word in a line
  10. Print vertical sum of a binary tree
  11. Print Boundary Sum of a Binary Tree
  12. Reverse a single linked list
  13. Greedy Strategy to solve major algorithm problems
  14. Job sequencing problem
  15. Root to leaf Path Sum
  16. Exit Point in a Matrix
  17. Find length of loop in a linked list
  18. Toppers of Class
  19. Print All Nodes that don't have Sibling
  20. Transform to Sum Tree
  21. Shortest Source to Destination Path
  22. Check for Valid Sudoku
  23. Count and Say sequence
  24. Longest Common Prefix
  25. Palindrome Linked List
  26. Symmetric Tree
  27. Convert Sorted Array to Binary Search Tree
  28. Finding First Bad Version
  29. House Robber
  30. Odd even level difference in a binary tree
  31. Maximum value in a bitonic array
  32. Palindromic Array
  33. Check if Tree is Isomorphic
  34. Count Substrings
  35. Expression Tree
  36. K distance from root
  37. Right View of Binary Tree
  38. Number following the pattern
  39. Diameter of Binary Tree
  40. Intersection Point in Y-Shaped Linked List
  41. Delete nodes greater than or equal to k in a BST
  42. Next Permutation
  43. Reverse Level Order Traversal
  44. Diagonal Traversal of Binary Tree
  45. Leftmost and Rightmost Nodes of Binary Tree
  46. Lowest Common Ancestor in a BST
  47. Generate Gray Code Sequences
  48. Convert Ternary Expression to Binary Tree
  49. Count of strings that can be formed using a, b and c under given constraints
  50. Bottom View of Binary Tree
  51. Minimum Number of Flips
  52. Picking Numbers
  53. Count Occurrences of Anagrams
  54. Sieve of Eratosthenes
  55. Largest Fibonacci Subsequence
  56. Rearrange a string
  57. Coin Change
  58. Ancestors in Binary Tree
  59. All Root to Leaf Paths
  60. Pairs of songs with total durations divisible by 60
  61. Sum of all numbers formed by root to leaf path
  62. Game of XOR
  63. Print bracket number
  64. Longest Palindromic Subsequence
  65. Prisoners and the poison
  66. K-th smallest element in a Binary Search Tree
  67. Find nth Magic number
  68. Level order traversal in spiral form
  69. Absolute sorting on a single linked list
  70. All subarray Sum of an array
  71. Total number of non-decreasing numbers with n digits
  72. Friends pairing problem
  73. Maximum Profit in Stock Buy and sell with at most K Transaction
  74. Floyd Warshall Algorithm
  75. Optimal Strategy for a Game
  76. Highway billboard
  77. Gold Mine Problem
  78. Longest Increasing Subsequence
  79. Minimum Number of coins to make the change
  80. Get Minimum Squares
  81. Count Numbers with unique digits
  82. String Matrix
  83. Maximum Sum Problem
  84. Find number of times a string occurs as a subsequence
  85. Number of Unique Paths
  86. Minimum number of jumps
  87. Rod Cutting
  88. Dice throw
  89. Longest Common Subsequence
  90. Longest Repeating Subsequence
  91. Subset Sum
  92. Equal Sum partition
  93. Maximize the cut segments
  94. Pizza Mania Problem
  95. Letter/Blog Writer Coding Problem (using Dynamic Programming)
  96. Largest zigzag sequence
  97. Number of ways to construct the grid
  98. Minimum number of deletions to make a string palindrome
  99. Minimum Cost to Make Two Strings Identical
  100. Maximum difference of zeros and ones in binary string
  101. Minimum number of deletions to make a sorted sequence
  102. Jumbled Strings
  103. Count of divisible array
  104. Maximum Calorie
  105. Special Keyboard
  106. Minimal moves to form a string
  107. Total number of non-decreasing numbers with n digits using dynamic programming
  108. Minimum Time to Display N Character
  109. Sum of all substrings of a number
  110. Count of Subarrays
  111. Knapsack with Duplicate Items
  112. Longest Common Subsequence of three strings
  113. Minimum steps to minimize n as per given condition
  114. Minimum Add to Make Parentheses Valid
  115. Count total number of Palindromic Subsequences
  116. Minimum cost to fill given weight in a bag
  117. Adjacent are not allowed
  118. Count number of binary strings without consecutive 1's
  119. Longest Palindromic Substring
  120. Count total number of Palindromic Substrings
  121. Search for a Range
  122. Nesting Depth - Google CodeJam 2020 qualification round problem solution
  123. Top 25 Dynamic programming problems for interviews
  124. Suggesting movie randomly from a list C++ program
  125. Count Number of Nodes in a Complete Binary Tree (Leetcode Problem Solution)
  126. Bus Routes Google Code Jam Round B Problem No. 2 Solution
  127. Bike Tour Google Kick Start Round B Problem 1 Solution
  128. Parenting Partnering Returns - Google CodeJam 2020 Qualification Round Problem Solution

Computer Networks

  1. Multiple Access Protocol | Computer Networks
  2. Random Access methods | Multiple Access protocols | Computer Networks
  3. Aloha: A random access method of multiple access | Computer Networks
  4. Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) | Computer Networks
  5. FDMA and TDMA: Channelization Processes | Computer Networks
  6. Code-Division Multiple Access (CDMA) | Computer Networks
  7. Logical addressing: IPV4 addressing | Computer Networks
  8. Classful and Classless Addressing: IPV4 addressing | Computer Networks
  9. Subnetting and Supernetting | Computer Networks
  10. Network Address Translation | Computer Networks

Data Structure

  1. Hashing Data Structure
  2. Hash functions and its characteristics
  3. Collisions in Hashing and Collision Resolution Techniques
  4. Hashing | Separate chaining for collision resolution
  5. Hashing | Open addressing for collision handling
  6. Minimum deletions to make all elements same using hash table
  7. Maximum distance between two occurrences of same element in array
  8. Check if two arrays are similar or not using hashing
  9. Minimum number of operations to make all elements same using hashing
  10. First element occurring K times in the array using hashing
  11. Count maximum points on same line
  12. Sort elements by frequency
  13. Shuffle a given array in O(n) time using Fisher-Yates shuffle algorithm
  14. Check if one array is subarray of the other or not in C++
  15. Given an array A[] and number X, check for pair in A[] with sum X | using hashing O(n) time complexity | Set 1
  16. Minimum Number of Steps to Make Two Strings Anagram
  17. Tree Data Structure
  18. Inorder Traversal in Binary Tree (with recursion) in C, C++
  19. Preorder Traversal in Binary Tree (with recursion) in C, C++
  20. Postorder Traversal in Binary Tree (using recursion) in C, C++
  21. Reverse Inorder Traversal in Binary Tree (with recursion) in C, C++
  22. Reverse Preorder Traversal in Binary Tree (with recursion) in C, C++
  23. Reverse Postorder Traversal in Binary Tree (using recursion) in C, C++
  24. Inorder Traversal in Binary Tree Iteratively (without recursion)
  25. Preorder Traversal in Binary Tree Iteratively (without recursion)
  26. Find height of a binary tree using recursive approach | Set 1
  27. Find Height of a Binary Tree using level order tree traversal | set 2
  28. Generic Tree (N-array Tree)
  29. Find the height of an N-array tree
  30. Find All Root to Leaf Paths in an N-array Tree
  31. Full Binary Tree
  32. Complete Binary Tree
  33. Perfect Binary Tree
  34. Given which two traversals you can determine the tree uniquely?
  35. Morris Traversal (Inorder) | Inorder traversal of binary Tree without recursion and without using Stack
  36. Constructing a Binary Tree from Its Preorder & Inorder Traversal
  37. Construct a Binary Tree from Postorder and Inorder Traversal
  38. Check If a Given Tree is Sum Tree or Not
  39. Check if two nodes are cousins in a binary tree
  40. Check if a given tree has all leaves at same level or not
  41. Checking if all three traversals inorder, preorder & postorder are of same binary tree or not
  42. Check if two trees are identical or not
  43. Check if two trees are structurally similar or not
  44. Check if a tree is full binary tree or not
  45. Check if the given tree is perfect binary tree or not
  46. Lowest Common Ancestor in a Binary Tree | Set 1
  47. Check If a Given Tree is Height-balanced or Not
  48. Check if a binary tree is a subtree of another binary tree
  49. Check if the tree has duplicate value or not
  50. Check if there is a root to leaf path with the given sequence
  51. Print the path from Root to the given node
  52. Print all cousins of a node in the given tree
  53. Sum of all nodes in a Binary Tree
  54. Sum of all parents having child value X in the given tree
  55. Sum of all right leaf nodes in a given tree
  56. Sum of all left leaf nodes in a given tree
  57. Sum of nodes on the longest path from the root to the leaf node
  58. Max Level Sum in Binary Tree
  59. Difference between Sum of Odd and Even Levels in a Given Binary Tree
  60. Root to Leaf Path having sum X in the given Tree
  61. Merge two Trees using Node Sum | Recursive solution (Set 1)
  62. Sum of heights of all the nodes
  63. Disjoint Set ADT
  64. Find disjoint sets in a graph using disjoint set ADT operations FIND, UNION
  65. Finding a cycle in an undirected graph using Disjoint Sets
  66. Check if the graph is tree or not
  67. Find largest subtree sum in a tree
  68. Find duplicate subtrees in a given Binary Tree
  69. Rearrange a string so that no two adjacent characters have the same letter
  70. Introduction to Heap Data Structure
  71. Check if a subtree exists with the given sum
  72. Binary Search Tree (BST)
  73. Insertion in a Binary Search Tree | Set 2
  74. Deletion in Binary Search Tree (BST) | Set 2
  75. Comparison between Hash Table and Binary Search Tree
  76. Construct BST from Given Preorder Traversal
  77. Construct a binary search tree from a sorted linked list
  78. Construct a binary search tree from a sorted 1-D array
  79. Convert given Binary Search Tree to a Greater Sum Tree
  80. Construct all possible BSTs with keys 1 to N
  81. Convert given Binary Search Tree to a Smaller Sum Tree
  82. Convert a Binary Search Tree into a min-heap
  83. Construct BST from level order traversal
  84. Convert an unbalanced BST to a balanced BST
  85. Find the Minimum and Maximum node in a Binary Search Tree
  86. Check if the given array can represent Preorder Traversal of a Binary Search Tree
  87. Kth Maximum in a Binary Search Tree
  88. Kth Minimum in a Binary Search Tree
  89. Check if given sorted subsequence exits in the Binary Search Tree or Not
  90. Check if the Binary Search Tree contains a dead end
  91. Check if the given array can represent inorder traversal of a BST
  92. Check if two BSTs have same set of elements or not
  93. Largest Element in the BST less than or Equal to N
  94. Distance between two nodes in a BST
  95. Count Number of pairs from two different BSTs whose sum is equal to X
  96. Merge Two Binary Search Trees Set 1
  97. Merge two Binary Search Trees set 2 (limited space)


  1. How to install AdonisJs in Ubuntu?
  2. How to create the boilerplate for AdonisJs & details on the created directory structure?
  3. Database Migrations in AdonisJs
  4. Understanding Migration Scripts in AdonisJs
  5. Creating Migration Scripts in AdonisJs
  6. Introduction to Lucid Models in AdonisJs
  7. Creating a lucid model in AdonisJs
  8. Introduction to Controllers in AdonisJs
  9. Request and response in AdonisJs
  10. Creating Endpoints in Postman
  11. Creating a controller to handle CRUD endpoints in AdonisJs
  12. Middlewares and Auth Middleware in AdonisJs
  13. Handling User registration & Login in AdonisJs
  14. Auth methods, jwt tokens & password hashing in AdonisJs
  15. How passwords are stored in the database in AdonisJs?
  16. Handling PUT Request in AdonisJs | Part 1
  17. AdonisJs | Lucid Query Builders | Part 1
  18. AdonisJs | Lucid Query Builders | Part 2
  19. Authenticate incoming requests in AdonisJs
  20. Create new instances in the database from POST requests in AdonisJs


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