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C++ program to print your name randomly on the screen with colored text

Print your name on output screen randomly with colored text and background color using C++ program: Here you will learn some of the in-built functions that are using to print randomly, colored, print text of specified position etc.

This program will print the name until we do not press any key through keyboard, there are text colors and text background color is used to print the name.

Name will be print on random positions.

Following functions are used in this program:

1) kbhit() - This function returns true if key is pressed, in the program we are using while(!kbhit()), that mean program will run until any is not pressed. This function is declared in conio.h.

2) randomize() and rand() – Functions are used to generate random numbers, here we are generating random text colors and background colors till color value 16, value of X and Y co-ordinates. Functions are declared in stdlib.h.

3) textcolor(color) – This function is used to define text color, its value will be 0 to 15 (in hexadecimal: 0x00 to 0x0F). Function is declared in conio.h.

4) textbackground(color) – This function is used to define text background color, its value will be 0 to 15 (in hexadecimal: 0x00 to 0x0F). Function is declared in conio.h.

5) gotoxy(x,y) – To define X and Y co-ordinates where text will be printed.

6) cprintf(string..) - This function is similar to printf, but it is used to print the colored text on console output screen. Function is declared in conio.h.

7) delay(milliseconds) – This function is used to hold the program’s execution for given milliseconds, it is using to run loop after given milliseconds in the program. Function is declared in dos.h.

Note: program is compiled and executed on TurboC3 compiler.

Consider the program:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
#include <dos.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

int main()

	int color;
	int bcolor;
	int x,y;
	int d;

	//init random to return random value each time
	//clears the screen

	//infinite loop until key is not pressed 
		//gerenate randon text and background color
		color =rand()%16;
		//define text color 
		//define background color
		//check if both colors are same, continue the loop
		//generate random X and Y Co-ordinates
		x = rand()%75;
		y = rand()%20;
		//define position to print the text 
		//print the text 

	return 0;


print your name randomly in C++


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