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Introduction to Web programming (Web Designing and Web Development)

In this article, we will learn about web designing, development and various tools, text editors used for the development for easy to use and visually pleasing websites we see nowadays in the internet and learn to develop them on our own.
Submitted by Deepak Dutt Mishra, on June 17, 2018

Why web development?

The most important reason of why one should learn web development is that it is not very hard to learn and plus have a very large community so that you don’t have to search a lot and you get a lot of pre-written codes. Other than this field is also helpful in starting small businesses and even startups, for example, Facebook which is a huge success in this generation. Through this one can develop a new Facebook or Amazon etc. It has the largest Free Lancing opportunity currently among all computer science and Information Technology fields. Along with this many people believes that web programming or development is the best for the introduction of a newbie or a novice to the world of programming or coding.

Overview of Web programming

The web is the place of information which we usually use for various purposes like buying things, learning via blogs, materialistic data and even tutorials and illustrative videos, teaching, watching videos and movies, listening to songs or music, connect with different people and faraway family members etc. that is in all through web or internet one can communicate , own a business , become a consumer etc. All of these things which are uploaded on the web is accessed and displayed by websites. These websites are developed by web designers, web developers, full stack developers even programmers.

Websites are special types of line of ‘markup’ codes which when connected to internet and servers and when accessed by web browsers gives us pages which collectively with proper linking between each other gives us what we call websites, these web browsers are special types of software which when connected to the internet runs these codes and keep them continuously updated as per the data they receive from the servers.

Website development involves two fundamental procedures namely front-end development or client-side scripting or coding whose association is with the aestheticism of a website alongside its appealing and associative user interface which is both interactive and easy to use for the user who surfs a particular website which is the major reason for a success and decline of a website and basically is the most important aspect in the present world. The second fundamental towards web development is the back-end development ( server-side scripting ) which involves the major programming part as per the requirement of that particular website which could include databases, ticket booking, predicting etc. in this part major programming logics are required.

As previously mentioned, someone who develops a website can be classified as either web designers ( front-end developers ) or web developers ( back-end developers ) or the ones who can deal with both client and server-side scripting are given special names and called as Full-Stack Developers.

For one to develop a website he/she must have following tools:

  1. Web Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari etc.
  2. Knowledge of Markup Language (Front-end Language) like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc.
  3. Knowledge of Back-end Language like PHP, Java, Python, C# etc.
  4. Text Editors like Notepad, Notepad+ +, Atom, Brackets, Komodo Edit etc.
  5. Open Source Communities for problem-solving and helping others in solving problems faced by them while developing a project like GitHub etc.

How to learn web programming?

There are various ways one can learn web programming, one traditional way to learn web programming or development is that the enthusiasts to enroll into particular university or school or a coaching offering such courses but these could be expensive and may not be much up to date as the web is getting day by day. So one can enroll into various online illustrative courses offered by various educational websites like TreeHouse, Udemy etc.

Another option of learning web development is to take up your own projects and start developing them and uploading them into open communities where you can find new solution and even you can recommend others a better alternative to complete their thus resulting in mutual development and prosperity and even one can tweak various templates from various websites or even develop websites from tools like Wordpress etc. which are drag and drop applications which also helps in front-end development and one has to focus only on back-end scripting.

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