PHP program to handle modulo by zero exception

Here, we are going to learn how to handle an exception modulo by zero which occurs when we divide (using the modulus operator to find remainder) a number by 0?
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Modulo By Zero Exception

"The modulo by zero error" throws when we divide a number by zero to get the remainder using modulus operator (%).

Handing Modulo By Zero Exception

It can be handled by using "try...catch" statement, with DivisionByZeroError exception.

PHP code to handle modulo by zero exception

    $a = 10;
    $b = 3;
        //dividing $a by $b - no error 
        $result = $a%$b;
        print("result: $result \n");
        //assigning 0 to $b
        $b = 0;

        //now, dividing $a by $b - error occurs
        $result = $a%$b;
        print("result: $result \n");        
    catch(DivisionByZeroError $err){
        print("Exception... ");


result: 1
Exception... Modulo by zero

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