Reverse an Integer Number in PHP

Here, we will learn how to reverse an integer number in PHP? This post contains PHP code with output and explanation.
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Given an integer number and we have to find, print its reverse number using PHP.


Input number is: 12345
Reverse number will be: 54321 


  • Take (input or assign) a number
  • Assign 0 to the variable, in which we are going to store reverse number (Here, I am using ‘reverse’)
  • Run the following two steps until number is not zero
  • Get the digit using modules (%) operator and add it into the ‘reverse*10’
  • Now, divide the number by 10
  • Finally, when number will be zero, print the ‘reverse’

PHP code to reverse an integer number

	$num = 12345;
	//reverse should be 0
	$reverse = 0;
	//run loop until num is not zero
	while ($num != 0)
		$reverse = $reverse * 10 + $num % 10;
		$num = (int)($num / 10); 
	/printing the reverse number 
	echo "Reverse number of 12345 is: $reverse";


PHP code to reverse number

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