PHP program to calculate factors of a given number

In this article, we are going to learn how to create a function in PHP that will help us calculate factors of any given number? By Kongnyu Carine Last updated : December 19, 2023


To understand this example, you should have the basic knowledge of the following PHP topics:

PHP - Calculating Factors of a Number

For instance, if we have to list the factors of a number y. Then, we have to look for all possible numbers within the range 0 to the number y (with 0 exclusive because we do not divide a number by 0) that gives no remainder when it divides y.


Input 6
Output {1,2,3,4,5,6,}.

Let's Write out a PHP function to do this for us:

PHP code to calculate factors of a number

//We Define a function that gets
//an argument and return the factors
//of the number it got.
// Function definition
function factors_of_a_number($n)
    if ($n == 0)
        // because we cannot divide 0/0 does not exist
        echo "Zero has no factors";
        // format our answer to look good.
        print_r("The factors of $n are {");
        //We will use a for loop to loop through
        // each number in the series  1 to our number $n
        // dividing $n by each number
        for ($x = 1;$x <= $n;$x++)
            // the modulus operator
            // helps us get the remainder of each division
            $factor = $n % $x;

            //we will check to see which number return a 0 as reminder
            // the we echo that number because it is a factor of our number $n.
            if ($factor == 0)
                print_r($x . ",");
print_r(factors_of_a_number(0) . "\n");
print_r(factors_of_a_number(50) . "\n");


Zero has no factors
The factors of 50 are {1,2,5,10,25,50,}

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