PHP ucwords() Function with Example

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PHP ucwords() Function

The ucwords() function is a string function in PHP and it is used to converts the first characters in uppercase of all words in a string.


The syntax of the ucwords() function:



The parameters of the ucwords() function:

  • string: It accepts a string as an input parameter.

Return Value

The return value of this method is string, it returns the new string with first character of the words in uppercase.

Sample Input/Output

Input: "hello world how are you?"
Output: "Hello World How Are You?"

Input: "hello123"
Output: "Hello123"

Example of PHP ucwords() Function

$str = "hello world how are you?";
echo (ucwords($str) . "\n");

$str = "HELLO world how are you?";
echo (ucwords($str) . "\n");	

$str = "hello123 123hello";
echo (ucwords($str) . "\n");		


The output of the above example is:

Hello World How Are You?
HELLO World How Are You?
Hello123 123hello

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