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Cloud Application: Gene Expression Data Analysis

Gene Expression Data Analysis: In this tutorial, we will learn how gene expression data analysis can be carried out using cloud computing? By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 02, 2023


Genes carry the data that defines our characteristics, which are attributes or characteristics that are passed down by our ancestors to you or inherited. Around 25,000 to 35,000 genes are found in every cell in the human body.

For instance, if both of your parents have green eyes, we could inherit from them the trait of green eyes. Or if our mother has freckles, we could also have freckles because we inherited the freckle gene. In humans, genes are not only found — all animals and plants have genes, too.

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The genes consist of DNA. Many genes are found in each chromosome.

Genes encode proteins and cell function is determined by proteins. Hence, what the cell can do is determined by the thousands of genes expressed in a specific cell. Besides, each step in the information flow from DNA to RNA to protein provides a possible control point for the cell to self-regulate its functions by modifying the quantity and type of proteins it produces.

The amount of a specific protein in a cell at any given time represents the balance between the synthetic and degrading biochemical pathways of that protein. Recall that protein development begins at transcription (DNA to RNA) and continues with translation on the synthetic side of this balance (RNA to protein). Thus, in deciding what proteins are present in a cell and in what quantities, regulation of these processes plays a critical role. Also, protein levels are often highly affected by how a cell processes its RNA transcripts and newly made proteins.

What is gene expression?

Gene expression is the mechanism by which a gene's information is used to synthesize a functional gene product that allows the protein to be generated as the end product. Is it called gene expression when the data stored in our DNA is translated into instructions for producing proteins or other molecules? The expression of genes is a tightly controlled process that enables a cell to respond to its changing environment. It functions as both an on/off switch to regulate when proteins are produced and also a regulation of volume that increases or decreases the number of proteins produced. In producing a protein, transcription and translation, there are two main steps involved.

Gene Expression Analysis using Cloud

The analysis of gene expression is most conveniently defined as the study of how genes are transcribed to synthesize functional gene products or protein products of functional RNA organisms. The gene regulation research offers insights into normal cellular processes, such as differentiation, and processes that are abnormal or pathological.

The new software has been developed by researchers that significantly enhance the speed at which scientists can interpret data from RNA sequencing. The app, known as Myrna, uses "cloud computing," a way of sharing computer resources based on the Internet. Faster, cost-effective gene expression analysis may be a useful instrument to explain the genetic causes of disease.

Gene expression technology allows the expression levels of thousands of genes to be regulated at once. It is now possible to obtain gene expression profiles from tissue samples at a relatively low cost, as a direct result of recent developments in technology.


Myrna is using "cloud computing," a computer resource sharing method based on the Internet. Faster, cost-effective gene expression analysis may be a useful instrument to explain the genetic causes of disease. Microarrays are one of the latest breakthroughs in experimental molecular biology, allowing tens of thousands of genes to be tracked in parallel for gene expression and already generating massive quantities of useful data. The raw microarray data are photographs that need to be converted into matrices of gene expression, tables where rows represent genes, columns represent different samples such as tissues or experimental conditions, and numbers in each cell characterise in the specific sample the degree of expression of the specific gene.


For gene expression datasets on the Cloud infrastructure, Cloud-CoXCS is a machine learning classification system.

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Fig: Data Analysis of Gene Expression

It has three parts: CoXCS, Aneka, and Offspring. CoXCS is a co-evolutionary classifier for learning based on the partitioning of feature space. By adopting a co-evolutionary approach, it extends the XCS model.

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