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Advantages of Cloud Computing

In this article, we are going to learn about the advantages of cloud computing like: Scalable, Flexible, Elastic nature, Pay per use Model, Environment friendly, Backup and Recovery, Easy Access of data.
Submitted by Aleesha Ali, on February 06, 2018

Advantages of cloud computing

  1. Scalable
  2. Flexible
  3. Elastic nature
  4. Pay per use Model
  5. Environment friendly
  6. Backup and Recovery
  7. Easy Access of data

1) Scalable

Scalability is a property to scale up or scale down the computing System according to the requirements or request of the user and organization.

  1. Scale up: Increasing the system and resources according to demand.
  2. Scale down: Decreasing the system and resources according to demand.

2) Flexible

Flexibility can be referred to the scalable property of IT resources with the help of internet.

3) Elastic nature

The amount of the change a system can adopt. Cloud computing provides the elastic nature.

4) Pay Per Use

In cloud computing, users and organization need to pay only the resources they use or they are required of.

5) Environment-friendly

Cloud Computing reduces the paperwork, electricity consumption, as it can provide the on-demand resources or services, we can access the systems in someone else authority according to the requirements, from somewhere else.

6) Backup and Recovery

With the help of Cloud Computing our data is secure, saved on cloud servers or we can say on cloud storage service providers (Like - iCloud, Dropbox, OneDrive) data center.

7) Easy Access to data

With the help of cloud computing, anyone can access his/her data from anywhere, just with the connection of internet.

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