Web 2.0 in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing | Web 2.0: In this tutorial, we will learn about Web 2.0 in cloud computing, its benefits, and the services running on Web 2.0. By Aleesha Ali Last updated : June 02, 2023

Cloud computing web 2.0

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What is Web 2.0 in Cloud Computing?

The web is the primary interface (medium) through which cloud computing delivers or provides its services to everyone. The meaning of the term Web has evolved since time immemorial. At present, the Web encloses a troupe of technologies and services that facilitate interactive sharing, collaboration, user-centered design, and application composition. So basically Web 2.0 is the current state of online technology as it compares to the early days of the web, it comprises greater user interactivity and collaboration and enhanced communication channels.

The name Web 2.0 was used to elaborate the second generation of www i.e. World Wide Web, where the Web moved towards static HTML pages for more responsive and interactive as well as dynamic web experience. Web 2.0 is focused on the ability for users or people to collaborate and share information online via social media, web-based communities, blogging, and the internet of course. But now for Web social media is a major component, new web applications such as AZAX and more modern browsers provide opportunities for people to express their views.

Benefits of Web 2.0

The following are the benefits of Web 2.0:

  • We can access all the services available at internet anytime or from anywhere.
  • Today's web services are user friendly or has better user interface.
  • Multiple kind or different type of media is available on web.
  • It can build a dynamic learning communities.
  • Anyone can have real time discussion now.
  • Everybody is an author and an editor now, every thing or every changes are traceable now.
  • Learners can actively be involved in knowledge building.
  • Success for search results are efficient.
  • Updates of any information is easy.
  • Web 2.0 is speedy, collaborative, trustworthy etc.

Service Running on Web 2.0

The following are the services running on Web 2.0 are:

  • Facebook
  • Flicker
  • Linked in
  • YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • BlogSpot
  • Word press
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Docs
  • Instagram and many more.

Today every service available on internet is under Web 2.0.


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