Cloud Computing Tutorial

Risks Involved in Cloud Computing

In this tutorial, we will learn about the various risks that are involved in using various cloud computing (clouds). By Uma Dasgupta Last updated : June 02, 2023

In today's life using the cloud is very common among people, we use different clouds like Google Cloud, cloud Azure, etc. to store our photos, Videos, documents, data, etc. to save space as well as we think that we will be able to retrieve the data if we save them in the cloud, in case our device gets damaged, stolen, etc. But as it is said, "Everything that facilities us also puts us at risks". Cloud has made our lives easier, but before using it we should be well known for its risks, so, that we can take preventive measures while using it.

Risks Involved in Cloud Computing

1) Privileged User Access

Sometimes we provide access to our cloud to someone for several reasons, for example, sometimes companies give access to their clouds to a person or a group of hired persons for doing some sort of improvement in their cloud, or some problem handling, but this is a very big risk to your data, so, before providing any of such privilege to anyone you should take all the information like ID proof, Adhar no. , Address proof, etc. of that person or group of persons. So, if in case anything happens in the future with your data you can trace that person and take action against.

2) Data Location

We all store data in the cloud but do we know where our data gets stored, most of us even have no idea about this, maybe we are a user of Delhi, but we don't even know that our data is stored in which country. So, we must have an idea about this we should contact our service provider and ask him to keep the storage location as nearer as possible to us.

3) Regulatory Compliance

You should regulate your cloud very carefully means, you shouldn't share your password, and shouldn't forget to log out of your account while using in cyber cafes. Cloud doesn't take responsibility for your data loss or moderation in such cases.

4) Data Segregation

An uncountable number of people are storing data in the cloud, so, before using any cloud we should have proper knowledge about its data encryption, security, agreements, etc.

5) Recovery

Now, this is one of the main purposes most people are using the cloud nowadays, if something happens to our device then our data will have a backup in our cloud. Now, let due to some issues one of the servers of our cloud gets crashed, then the copy of our data must be present on other servers also, our service provider should ensure us about this.

6) Investigate Support

Let's suppose, our data gets stolen, or edited by an unknown source, now the investigation of this is very very difficult, cause millions of clouds are there, and trillions of users access them now to find that one user who encountered your data is almost impossible. This is one of the biggest risk.

7) Long Term Stability

There are several clouds present, but not all of them run for long, it shouldn't be like that you saved your data in a cloud and that company closed up and your data also got lost.

So, you should be choosy about your cloud, and should only use trusted companies, maybe that costs a little bit more but they are secured and your data will be safe. Remember "If data is operated and examined to that extent, it will reveal everything about you".

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