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Healthcare: ECG Analysis in the Cloud

Cloud Application: ECG Analysis in the Cloud: In this tutorial, we will learn how cloud computing technology can be applied to healthcare ECG analysis, and also learn advantages of using this. By IncludeHelp Last updated : June 02, 2023

Healthcare ECG Analysis in the Cloud

Healthcare is an area where computer technology can be seen and as impacting a wide variety of items in our health: from offering help for business issues to helping in scientific growth. With recent technological developments such as cell phones and cloud computing, a range of services and devices are developed to provide health care. In the cloud system, medical data can be gathered and distributed automatically to medical practitioners anywhere in the world. From there, doctors in the field have the capability of returning input to specific patients.

An ECG is just a visual image of a record of the electrical activity of the heart muscle as it varies over time, typically printed on paper for easier study. Similarly, like other muscles, the heart contracts in response to electrical depolarization caused in the muscle cells. When it's the time of day, it's the amount of the electrical activity, when amplified and registered for just a few seconds that we call a heart rhythm.

With ECG data collection and tracking, it's possible to test for chest pain, low-grade heart rhythm disturbances, arrhythmias, and more. An E-G (electrocardiogram) is the electrical expression of the contractile movement of the myocardium.

Due to the invention of the internet or we can say due to the availability of the internet cloud computing has come into the picture and portray itself as an attractive choice for developing a health monitoring system. The study of the shape of the waveform is used to classify arrhythmias. It can be used as the most common way of detecting heart diseases. That way a patient who has a cardiac arrhythmia (or some other abnormal heart rate) can be continuously monitored through ECG tests. Since E-cigarettes allow for immediate notification for doctors and first-aid workers, at the same time such alerts do not slow down the movement of the patient. Cloud computing technologies allow the patient to have his/her heartbeat monitored remotely via the Internet.

Healthcare: ECG Analysis in the Cloud
  • The respective information will be sent to the patient's mobile device. Upon signing in, the mobile device sends information to the cloud-based services to review the results.
  • The online component of this platform that consists of three layers is internal to a cloud: the front end, the middle back-end, and the host server (i.e., "the cloud" for the IT service that supports this project).

Advantages of Healthcare ECG Analysis in the Cloud

The following are the advantages of healthcare ECG analysis in the cloud:

  • Since cloud computing systems are now readily available and deliver the services in less time, it's got the promise to be a massive disruptor to how the technology is distributed.
  • As a consequence, the doctor doesn't need to put a huge effort into computing, since there is a lot of software on which to run.
  • Cloud infrastructure is highly scalable; it can be maximized and minimized according to the needs of each user.
  • Cloud computing (or cloud computing) systems are now available and aim to provide reliable services to consumers with less time.
  • The doctor's office would not need to invest in a broad computer system.

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