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Cloud Computing Services: In this tutorial, we will learn about the popular services of cloud computing, we will also discuss about categories of XaaS. By Aleesha Ali Last updated : June 02, 2023

In terms of services cloud mostly refers as XaaS means "Everything as a service", and this XaaS is categorized as:

  1. Software as a service (SAAS)
  2. Platform as a service (PAAS)
  3. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)
Cloud computing services

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1) Software as a service (SAAS)

Frequently refers as SaaS, it provisions the user or organizations to use the computing software or computer applications without even installing them on their system just with the help of an Internet connection based on their requirements. For using these services users only need to do signup, and just start implementing your product or anything that is required.

The major advantage of this service is that it replaces the traditional configuration or installation of the software on the system.

SaaS Examples

  • Google Apps,
  • Salesforce,
  • Citrix,
  • Cisco webEx,
  • Concur,
  • workday etc

2) Platform as a service (PAAS)

Frequently refers as PaaS, it provides a complete platform for a user or organization including Operating systems, databases, Programming languages execution environment and web servers, etc. this model is frequently used by developers. And the best part about this service is if someone wants to develop some software or application which requires a high computation-powered machine and high cost then those developers don't have to spend many pennies on such machines, what they need to do is just switch to cloud computing and use those platforms and pay according to their requirements.

PaaS Examples

  • Heroku,
  • force.com,
  • AWS Elastic
  • Beanstalk,
  • Microsoft Azure etc

3) Infrastructure as a service (IAAS)

Frequently refers as IaaS, this is a self-service model, in this model the cloud service provider lets a user or organization use their complete computing infrastructure including servers, storage, and networking hardware as well as virtualized environment like a hypervisor that is traditionally present in cloud service provider's data center.

IaaS Examples

  • Amazon web service(AWS),
  • Amazon EC2,
  • Google Cloud Platform(GCP),
  • Microsoft Azure etc

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