Types of Cloud Security Services

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the different types of cloud security services.
Submitted by Prerana Jain, on January 07, 2021

Cloud Security Services

There are different types of cloud security services that are provided for information over the cloud.

  • Authentication- Authentication refers to the testing or reconciliation of evidence of a user's identity. It creates the user's identity and makes sure that users are who they claim to be. Consider for example that a user provides an identity to a computer login screen and then has to give a The computer system authentication the user by verifying that password belongs to the same user providing the ID.
  • Authorization- Authorization means the rights and privileges granted to a user that provides access to computer resources and information assets.
  • Accountability- Accountability means the ability to determine the actions and behaviours of an individual within a cloud system and to recognize and specific individual. Audit trails and logs help accountability they can also be used to do postmortem studies to analyze historical events and the individual related to those events.
  • Auditing- A one time or periodic events to evaluate security is a system audit.
    Information technology (IT) auditors are of two types- internal and external. Internal auditors work for a given organization, while external auditors do not. External auditors are certified public accountants or another audit professional that do not independent audit of an organization's financial statement. Internal auditors have a much broader mandate compare to external auditors, like checking for compliance and standards of due care, auditing operational cost efficiencies and recommending the suitable controls.

The following functions are audited by auditors-

  1. System development
  2. System and transaction development
  3. Backup controls
  4. Data centre security
  5. Data library procedures
  6. Contingency plan.

Besides, its auditors may suggest an enhancement to control and takes part in a system's development process to support an organization avoids expensive reengineering after the system's implementation.



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