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Demonstrate Example of public data members in C++

C++ | Example of public data members: Here, we are going to learn how to declare, initialize and access public data members in C++?
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on September 20, 2018

Public Data Members

All variables of a class are known as "data members of a class" and the variables which are declared in the public section of a class are known as "public data members of a class".

Public data members can be accessed through object name directly outside of the class.


Here, we have a class named "Numbers" with two public data members a and b, we will provide the value to them inside the main() and access (print) them inside main() also.


#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

class Numbers
        int a;
        int b;

//Main function
int main()
    //declaring object to the class
    Numbers Num;
    //assign values to a and b 
    Num.a = 100;
    Num.b = 200;
    //print the values
    cout<<"Value of Num.a: "<<Num.a<<endl;
    cout<<"Value of Num.b: "<<Num.b<<endl;
    return 0;


Value of Num.a: 100
Value of Num.b: 200


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