Cryptography Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Cryptography is a technique of protecting information and communications through the use of codes. Cryptography derived from Greek origins means "secret writing". However, we use the term to refer to transforming the message to make them secure and immune to attacks. Earlier, cryptography referred only to decryption and encryption of messages using the secret keys, but today it is different and involving three distinctive mechanisms, these are:

This section contains the Cryptography MCQs on various topics such as Cryptography Basics, Cryptography Ciphers, Cryptography Hash Functions, Cryptography Techniques of Block Cipher, Block Cipher as IDEA, DES, AES, RSA in Cryptography, Quantum Cryptography, Hash Function Technique, Modes of Operations in Block Cipher, etc.

These Cryptography MCQs are written for beginners as well as advanced, practice these MCQs to enhance and test the knowledge of Cryptography.

Cryptography MCQs Index

  1. MCQ | Cryptography Basics
  2. MCQ | Cryptography Ciphers (Level: Easy) | Set 1
  3. MCQ | Cryptography Ciphers (Level: Easy) | Set 2
  4. MCQ | Cryptography Hash Functions (Level: Easy)
  5. MCQ | Cryptography Techniques of Block Cipher
  6. MCQ | Block Cipher as IDEA, DES, AES, RSA in Cryptography
  7. MCQ | Quantum Cryptography
  8. MCQ | Hash Function Technique
  9. MCQ | Modes of Operations in Block Cipher

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