Artificial Intelligence Conditional Probability in AI Aptitude Questions and Answers (MCQ)

Aptitude Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Conditional Probability in AI: This section contains aptitude questions and answers on Conditional Probability in AI.
Submitted by Monika Sharma, on April 15, 2020

1) Which of the following points are valid with respect to conditional probability?
  1. Conditional Probability gives 100% accurate results.
  2. Conditional Probability can be applied to a single event.
  3. Conditional Probability has no effect or relevance or independent events.
  4. None of the above.

2) Among which of the following mentioned statements will the conditional probability be applied?
  1. The number occurred on rolling a die one time.
  2. What will the temperature tomorrow?
  3. What card will get on picking a card from a fair deck of 52 cards?
  4. What output will we get on tossing a coin once?


  1. Only iv.
  2. All i., ii., iii. and iv.
  3. ii. and iv.
  4. Only ii.

3) On which of the mentioned points does the Conditional Probability reasonable to apply?
  1. Dependent Events
  2. Independent Events
  3. Neither a. nor b.
  4. Both a. and b.

4) The results that we get after we apply conditional probability to a problem are,
  1. 100% accurate
  2. Estimated values
  3. Wrong values
  4. None of the above

5) State whether the following condition is true or false?
"The independent events are affected by the happening of some other events which may occur simultaneously or have occurred before it."
  1. True
  2. False

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