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Elements of a Learning Agent in Artificial Intelligence

In this tutorial, we will learn about the various elements of a learning agent in Artificial Intelligence. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 15, 2023

As already discussed, the Learning agents have the capability to improve their knowledge base by Learning from their surroundings by themselves, without any help or input from the user or the client.

Elements of a Learning Agent

The following are the elements of a Learning Agent:

1. Knowledge Base

The Knowledgebase is the fundamental part of any agent which works on Artificial Intelligence and thus it has to be present inside every such system. All the information, past actions, and their impacts, and all sorts of data that the agent works on is present inside this Knowledge Base.

2. Sensors

For Learning from the environment and the surroundings, the agent must be able to observe and perceive information from the environment. This is done through the sensors. The sensors form a very crucial part of every AI based agent in improving its performance and helping the agent to act like a human.

3. Processor

The processor, which is the brain of the agent is somewhat the same as the processor of a computer. The difference is that it is much more advanced than the normal processors as it can process in certain complex situations also such as uncertainty in data, incomplete information about any task, etc. This makes it much more efficient to use in real life situations. Also, the processor in the agent is the one which makes an agent can humanly. The better performance we want in our agent, the better processor should be designed for it.

4. Logic Unit

The Logic Unit is responsible for drawing and implementing the logic in any decision. This unit comes into use every time the agent tries to conclude the results from the multiple figures and statements available.

5. Memory

All the information which is present inside the Knowledge Base should be stored somewhere. So, Memory is also an important part for any agent to store all the data and facts, and the results and the conclusions which are produced by the processor and the logic unit.

6. Actuators

The agent must perform certain actions or produce some result after all the analysis and processing. This is done by the actuators. In robotics, these actuators are the moving parts which perform certain physical tasks, whereas, in other systems, these are similar to output units which produce the processed data as the output.

Apart from these, there are also many other elements of the Learning Agent like the Hardware, Design of the system, power system, cooling systems, etc.

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