Artificial Intelligence Logic Aptitude Questions and Answers (MCQ)

Aptitude Questions and Answers (MCQ) | Logic: This section contains aptitude questions and answers on Logic in Artificial Intelligence.
Submitted by Monika Sharma, on March 30, 2020

1) Why do we want to implement the concept of Logic in an AI system?
  1. So that the agent can have decision making capability
  2. So that the agent can think and act humanly
  3. So that the agent can apply the logic for finding the solution to any particular problem
  4. All of the above

2) In AI systems, Logic can be represented in two types. What are these two types?
  1. Inductive Logic
  2. Common Logic
  3. Deductive Logic
  4. Machine Logic


  1. i. and ii.
  2. i. and iii.
  3. ii. and iii.
  4. iii. and iv.

3) Which of the following statements correctly defines the deductive logic in AI?
  1. In deductive logic, the complete evidence is provided about the truth of the conclusion made
  2. A top-down approach is followed
  3. The agent uses specific and accurate premises that lead to a specific conclusion
  4. All of the above

4) Consider the following statement:
"While taking any decision, the agent must provide specific reasons based on which the decision was taken. And this reasoning can be done by the agent only if the agent has the capability of understanding the logic."
Among which of the following situations will the agent use and apply logic for solving the problem?
  1. To solve real life problems
  2. To play a game against a human in the same way as a human would do
  3. To understand the environment variables
  4. All of the above

5) In AI, the Logic is classified into two types: deductive and inductive. Which of the following approaches is followed up by the Inductive logic?
  1. Top-down approach
  2. Bottom-up approach
  3. No specific approach
  4. According to precedence

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