PHP code to get number of days between two dates

In this code example we are taking two dates and getting their differences, following code can be used to get exact date difference in days between two dates.

Source Code and Output to get number of days between two dates

$date1 = "2016-07-31";
$date2 = "2016-08-05";

function dateDiff($date1, $date2)
    $date1_ts = strtotime($date1);
    $date2_ts = strtotime($date2);
    $diff = $date2_ts - $date1_ts;
    return round($diff / 86400);

$dateDiff = dateDiff($date1, $date2);

printf("Difference between in two dates : " . $dateDiff . " Days ");
print "</br>";


Difference between in two dates : 5 Days 

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