PHP program to create a function to find the addition of two integer numbers

Here, we are going to implement a PHP program/code to find the sum/addition of two numbers using a user-defined function.
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To understand this example, you should have the basic knowledge of the following PHP topics:

Addition of two integer numbers

Given two numbers and we have to find their addition/sum in PHP using a user-defined function.

PHP code to find the addition of two integer numbers

//function definition
//this function will take two integer arguments
//and return the sum of them
function addTwoNumbers(int $x, int $y)
    return $x + $y;

//calling the function and printing the result
echo " sum of 10 and 25 : " . addTwoNumbers(10, 25);
echo "<br>";
echo " sum of 30 and -10: " . addTwoNumbers(30, -10);
echo "<br>";


 sum of 10 and 25 : 35
 sum of 30 and -10: 20


The function works by using the standard math operation of adding two integers. Whenever we need to call the function, we use the following format addTwoNumbers (x, y); by replacing the values of x and y with two valid integers, we get the resulting sum in the output.

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