C program to find remainder of two numbers without using modulus (%) operator

In this C program, we will learn how can we find the remainder of two integer numbers without using modulus (%) operator?
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Problem statement

Given two integer numbers and we have to find the remainder without using modulus operator (%) in C.

Here, we will read two integers numbers and find their remainder. To get the remainder we will not use the modulus (%) operator.

Formulas to get the remainder,

1) Using modulus (%) operator

    rem = a%b;

2) Without using modulus (%) operator

    rem = a-(a/b)*b;

Here, a and b are the input numbers.

C program to find the remainder of two numbers without using modulus (%) operator

    * Program to get remainder without using % operator.
#include <stdio.h>
int main()
    int a,b,rem;
    printf("Enter first number :");
    printf("Enter second number :");
    printf("Remainder is = %d\n",rem);
    return 0;


Enter first number :16
Enter second number :7
Remainder is = 2    

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