C program to find the frequency of a character in a string

In this program, we will learn how to find occurrence of a particular character in a string using C program?

Here, we are reading a character array/string (character array is declaring with the maximum number of character using a Macro MAX that means maximum number of characters in a string should not more than MAX (100), then we are reading a character to find the occurrence and counting the characters which are equal to input character.

For example:
If input string is "Hello world!" and we want to find occurrence of 'l' in the string, output will be 'l' found 3 times in "Hello world!".

Program to find occurrence of a character in an input string in C

#include <stdio.h>
#define MAX	100

int main()
	char str[MAX]={0};
	char ch;
	int count,i;
	//input a string
	printf("Enter a string: ");
	scanf("%[^\n]s",str); //read string with spaces
	getchar(); // get extra character (enter/return key)
	//input character to check frequency
	printf("Enter a character: ");
	//calculate frequency of character 
	for(i=0; str[i]!='\0'; i++)
	printf("\'%c\' found %d times in \"%s\"\n",ch,count,str);
	return 0;	


First run
Enter a string: Hello world!
Enter a character: l
'l' found 3 times in "Hello world!"

Second run
Enter a string: Hello world!
Enter a character: x
'x' found 0 times in "Hello world!"

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